Synergy Seals X-Bushing - Dirt Rider Magazine

Lowering a bike is always a compromise. And with KTMs there has been no solution for the rear shock other than to go internally if you wanted to do it right. Well, if 7/8 inch is enough of a drop for you the X-Bushing has you covered. This seems to be a perfect drop for those in the 5-foot-4 to 5-foot-8 range, depending on inseam length. What Synergy has created is an eccentric lower shock bearing. It pushes right in like a stock replacement, but you rotate the inner part to lower the rear of the bike by 1/4 inch to 7/8 inch. It is then held in position with set screws. In the lowest position you might have to do some pretty substantial grinding (machining would be better, so we'll dock the X-Bushing for installation) to both the swingarm and shock to get the clearance necessary. I had to spend about 30 minutes with a grinder and file on my 2005 KTM 200. But the instructions are clear about this. (I used a grinder, BUTCH!)With my KTM now slightly lower in the rear, an inch measured by seat height, I matched the drop by sliding the fork up in the clamps to keep the ride level and to not jack up the handling of the bike or change the balance of the suspension. And surprisingly the suspension still worked almost exactly as it had before, something that was important to me. Previously when I've tried to lower the seat height with spring preload on KTMs, the suspension performance goes away because the suspension blows into the stiff part of the stroke too fast and packs. I was able to get some bottoming marks on the rear fender, but that was with a tall and flexy trials tire, so I'm not too concerned about it. To lower a KTM for $80 (plus $30 for the zerk-fitting Z-Bolt to make keeping it greased easy; or sold as a kit for $105, mention "Dirt Rider" for $5 off) and a little sweat equity is really a deal if that's what you need to feel a little more comfortable.

-Jimmy Lewis

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