Pro Moto Billet Fastway F3 Footpegs - Dirt Rider Magazine

Age: 49
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 200 lb
Ability: Serious trail rider
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Pro Moto Billet's Fastway footpegs have a bunch of adjustments including the ability to choose a "lowboy" position that moves the peg down and back as well as a simple way to adjust the camber of the peg by adding or subtracting washers. I haven't needed any of those adjustments, but I was looking for a wider platform and added boot traction for my KTM. The stainless steel F3 has three types of threaded pins to choose for a traction surface rather than normal teeth. One type looks like a flat-topped pin, a second version is a pointy shape that looked like it offered great sole traction, and the last type is ordinary set screws available in two heights. The extra pin sets are $15.95, so I got all three, but I was pretty sure I wanted the pointed pins.

The pegs fit up well and the pins were easy to install. Sure enough, the platform was much wider and more supportive than stock. The pointed pins offered awesome traction, but at the expense of added wear on the boot sole. I removed the pointed pins and installed the flat-top pins on one side and the set screws on the other so I could quickly settle on a favorite setup. It turned out that I preferred the original set-screw type of pin. The boot traction is still strong, but boot wear is milder. If the pins start to feel too rounded off, you can simply install new pins. These pegs refreshed my older bike, but I'd get them for a new bike now.

||| |---|---| |HARD PARTS|93.0| |Installation|18/20| |Function|48/50| |Durability|9/10| |Design|10/10| |Price|8/10|