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||| |---|---| |REAL RIDER: Ryan Orr| |Age:|30| |Height: |5'10"| |Weight: |170 lb| |Ability:|Traitor| |Location: |Lesser magazine| I've been racing in the WORCS pro class for the last couple of years, and racing for two hours straight on some of the tighter, sandier and hotter tracks that we ride can get your bike running super hot. When your bike runs hot you not only lose some engine performance, but overheating and serious engine damage are real possibilities. So, keeping your bike running cool is key. About halfway through the 2009 season Dirt Rider set me up with Myler's SuperCool Radiators (complete with hose kits) to try out on my 2008 Honda CRF450R. Each radiator mounted up well and aligned nicely with the shrouds. The radiator hose did require some minor trimming to fit without pinching on my CRF.

I first put the radiators to the test at a few WORCS races as well as some local motocross events, and never had any overheating issues or any coolant loss at all. I had to take the bike out on some of the trails that I ride to put the SuperCool Radiators to another test. The trails are really slow, tight single-track that have technical sections requiring a lot of clutch action to get through. My bike still showed no signs of overheating. I have taken stock radiators on the same ride in the same conditions and most of the time I lose coolant.

Overall, these radiators are a good product and get the job done with value to spare. At a retail price of $135 for one side or $260 for both, they're still cheaper than new OEM radiators (around $186 for the left and $192 for the right). The high-temp silicone hose kit (when purchased with two radiators) will run you $50.If you're having trouble keeping your bike cool, I would definitely recommended Myler's SuperCool Radiators. And for an added bonus, they have a nice polished finish to keep your bike looking trick. Check the company out for radiator repair service as well.

Installation 16/20
Function 49/50
Durability 18/10
Design 8/10
Price 9/10 800.367.7699