HDB Billet Hand Guards And Accessories - Dirt Rider Magazine

REAL RIDER: Lee Presgrave
Age: 40
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 240 lb
Ability: Veteran A trail rider
Location: Leesburg, VA

I 've bent, banged and broken just about every hand guard system on the market; I needed help. I decided to give Highway Dirt Bikes' system a try, and I'm definitely impressed. I ordered a set, and within a week they where on my brand-new Husaberg FE 390.Highway Dirt Bikes has designed some clever components into its system. Plus, it has many choices for anyone's desired setup. Pricing varies with options, but my set tested out right around $225.I went with the billet hand guard system with the Powerlet top clamp. This gives me a spot to mount any Powerlet gear in the future. I also added the Electrosport key switch mount, which just happened to fit (with a little adjusting) my Husaberg ignition MAP switch.The system is built incredibly well and has to be the beefiest hand guard system I've seen. They are machined out of billet aluminum and have a unique teardrop shape that allows the mirrors to nest during tree bashing.And speaking of mirrors-usually the bane of the dual-sporter's existence-the HDB set is a nice departure from the usual too low, too high, too shaky standard experience. When deployed they offer the best view of any mirror I've tried. You can get a complete, wide view of what's behind you with the convex design.The system mounts solidly to your bar. Instead of the traditional expanding-bolt mounting system, HDB gives you a tap for your handlebar. You actually thread these hand guards in place. Talk about solid. The whole system is a bit overbuilt and designed to take a pounding, and it does. There is also a big boss on the bar end to protect the grip-very clever.I couldn't be happier with the Highway Dirt Bikes hand guard system, and since I've had it on my bike many of my riding buddies are now converts.

Installation 17/20
Function 48/50
Durability 10/10
Design 9/10
Price 7/10