Scotts Performance Reusable Stainless Steel Oil Filter - Dirt Rider Magazine

If you ride a lot, are good about maintenance and plan on keeping your bike for a while, the costs of oil filters can add up. There are plenty of reusable stainless steel filters on the market, but since I personally know what a meticulous and frugal person Scott Forward (the Scott of Scotts) is in regard to parts and performance, I'm confident he'd know a thing or two about reusing a filter on something as expensive to fix as a four-stroke engine.To put the filter to the test, I threw it on my egg-cooker Honda XR400 because I know that thing runs as hot as any four-stroke and would show a weakness in the bonding of the filter if there was any. Plus, the fact that I really work the clutch in that bike makes a real need for filtering of the plate material out of the oil.I change the oil filters regularly, every two oil changes, on my XRs. At $69.95 the Scotts filter took roughly 12 changes to pay for itself compared to the stock Honda disposable paper filters at a cost of $5 to $8, depending on the dealer. Some standard filters are a bit pricier (like KTM's, and there are two of them on some bikes!) so the Scotts may pay off quicker.The filter just works. It installs just as stock with no issues. I've cleaned mine four times now, back-spraying it with cleaner and seeing the results (small bits of debris) in a clean white rag. It filters particles to the size of 35 microns, passing certification in laboratory testing. For comparison, paper filters typically claim 50-65 microns. Also, the stainless steel mesh is impervious to water and flows cold oil better at startup. The filter still looks as good as new, and I suspect it will last the life of the bike. I'm also being semi-green throwing less stuff into the trash!So if you want to start saving a few bucks with every oil change, plus not worry about having the extra filter laying around (the better part of the deal), then I recommend the Scotts Stainless Steel Oil Filter. -Jimmy Lewis

Installation 19/20
Function 49/50
Durability 9/10
Design 9/10
Price 7/10