BRM Offroad Preprinted Numbers And Backgrounds - Dirt Rider Magazine

I recently purchased a new race bike and needed to put my race numbers on it. The series I race in requires yellow backgrounds for my 30B class. So I called up BRM Offroad and ordered Option 2 with black numbers with orange outlines and a black pinstripe. Cost for Option 2 is $44, and for a few dollars extra I added my last name on the front number plate. Turnaround time was about four days as I was able to pick them up directly from BRM.Installation was straightforward. The instructions are simple and clear. One part of the instructions that is highlighted and that I struggled with is "Be patient." I have been impatient in the past when installing numbers, and the results have been very bad.

The quality of BRM's product is good. The cuts and holes on the side plates lined up fairly well, and the front number went on easily. The printing on the numbers is as good and they come, with a clear layer for protection. I've used BRM numbers and graphics in the past, and they have held up well, even after my bike and I have ended up on the ground. I've found BRM a solid option to the larger companies that offer printed numbers and backgrounds. Its pricing is very competitive, and it offers a number of options, from basic to full custom.

Installation 17/20
Function 47/50
Durability 8/10
Design 9/10
Price 9/10
602.421.0880, 602.363.5794
Age: 39
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 260 lb
Ability: Intermediate
Location: Mesa, AZ