Tram Bars - Organic Energy Bars - Dirt Rider Magazine

Dubbed as the "Ultimate Food Bar," Tram Bars are the brainchild of a ski bum named Kate who used to make her own organic energy bars in her kitchen. Luckily, Kate is also an avid trail rider, so it's only natural that Tram Bars made their way into our off-road world.Here's the scoop: Each bar packs organic oats, honey, peanut butter and other natural products (like fruits and seeds) into a delicious, fully portable cube of goodness.Three bucks per bar seemed a tad steep at first, but then we realized that each bar is a meal in itself (containing close to 400 calories of long-lasting energy). As a pre-ride meal, Tram Bars keep you ahead of the bonk curve like no other bar. When consumed mid-ride, they digest easily and keep you feeling full for hours. And when eaten at any other time, they are incredibly delicious. Each bar is like a miniature peanut butter and jelly sandwich of comfort and joy, and a stash of them can be frozen for freshness and consumed anytime, or stuffed in a fanny pack and devoured when needed.Kate sent us a whole mess of Tram Bars, and we gave them to everyone we could: Riding buddies, surfing buddies, runners, mountain bikers, weight lifters, snowboarding friends and test riders. The verdict was a resounding "Awesome!" from everyone who tried them. In truth, this is a universal product (barring allergies) that is organic, packable, tasty, fast acting and perfect for filling up a rider's internal fuel tank. And they truthfully taste better and than any other snack/energy bar on the planet and keep us going that extra lap or mile. -Chris Denison

Nutrition Products 98.0
_Taste_ 10/10
_Performance_ 50/50
_Ease of Use_ 10/10
_Time to Benefits_ 10/10
_Price_ 18/20; 208.354.4790