Risk Racing Holeshot Race Gate - Dirt Rider Magazine

These practice gates have improved my starts and become a part of every fun ride day I go on whether I'm at the track or at a desert camp-out. They are easy to set up and I can link two gates together and challenge my buddies and my dad. We used the gates both with the remote on the bar pad (wireless mode, with a one- to five-second random drop after a warning light) and with it plugged into the gate when we had a "starter" to drop the gate instantly.I like using the gates with a starter because it seems more like racing. Plus, we did have trouble with the remote on the bar pad being consistent-sometimes they would work and other times they wouldn't. We would change the batteries and it would sometimes begin to work again, but not always.

Resetting the gate is super easy. All you do is step on the tipped-up end of the bar and it comes up and locks in. I know this product is tough on the outside because I watched my dad get a little happy and plow his 450 through it and flip it over, but it still worked and nothing broke.The internals are a little delicate. You have to be careful installing or replacing the batteries or you'll tear out the conducting wires. Also, the hold-down stakes could be a little longer, and I wish the gates came with a carrying case; the cardboard boxes are getting worn out. But I truly think whether you're a pro or just an average beginner, the $279 Holeshot Race Gates are a cool tool and a fun way to improve your starts. Be careful removing batteries and have a friend use the remote plugged in and you'll see what I mean.

Hard Part 75.0
_Function_ 40/50
_Portable_ 7/10
_Durability_ 14/20
_Design_ 8/10
_Price_ 6/10
www.riskracing.com; 704.658.9332
**_Age: 14
**_Height: 5'6½"
**_Weight: 120 lb
**_Ability: Beginner
**_Location: Riverside, CA