Ricochet Off-Road Four-Stroke Header-Pipe Guard - Dirt Rider Magazine

Four-stroke header pipes may not stick out in the breeze with a "Hit Me" sign like a two-stroke expansion chamber, but they are out in danger. Even the stainless steel models can be easily damaged, and the titanium ones crumple extremely easily when hot. Shortly before this Ricochet guard arrived, a large rock grazed the header on my YZ450F and left a huge, ragged dent. The rider never even heard the impact, but the header was wadded. I believe the pipe would have come through unscathed with this guard on it. The $29.95 pipe guard is made for 250s or 450s, and it basically fits any model. I mounted it on a KTM 450, and the OD must be a little larger since the supplied hose clamps were just a hair too short. $1.50 remedied that, and a call to Ricochet alerted the company, and it is looking into a fix. The guard mounted in seconds with the correct length hose clamp. I didn't smack the pipe on anything, but the pipe is over twice as thick in the vulnerable area now. The guard tucks right up to the pipe, doesn't weigh much and never made any rattles or buzzing. It covers the most exposed 10.5 inches of the header. If you ride where your pipe could be damaged, and we all do, this guard will help. -Karel Kramer

Hard Part 89.0
Installation 16/20
Function 45/50
Durability 9/10
Design 10/10
Price 9/10
www.ricochetoffroad.com; 866.273.1197