Motion Pro LiteLoc Rim Lock - Dirt Rider Magazine

It has been a long time since we have seen innovation in rim-lock technology. Rim locks don't get a lot of thought or glory, but they are vital. Motion Pro has light, high-tech rim locks of a blue composite material. The material and the design allow the locks to be much more compact than a standard rim lock and still do the job.The 1.6 front rim lock is so tiny it looks like it could not possibly get the job done, but it does. The MP locks are also exceptionally light. The company claims they are half the weight, but we didn't feel that much difference compared to stock KTM locks. Even though there are viable technical reasons to use a light, compact, corrosion-proof lock, we suspect that most riders will use them because they look cool. At $17.50 to $18.99 depending on the size, the LiteLoc is roughly double the price of a standard Motion Pro rim lock. Of course, the LiteLoc comes with a custom aluminum full-length nut (it looks sweet with a taper-machined profile) and a beveled washer that matches the curve of the rim. The LiteLoc nut then has a solid, flat surface to mate with. Separately the nut and beveled washer are almost $12, so the price is right in line with a standard lock.The rim locks were easy to install, and we punished them through water, sloppy mud and then maximum traction that would have made the tires slip on the rims if they were going to. My single minor complaint is the 12mm hex head on the nut. A KTM uses no 12mm, so I generally don't carry one, but now I will have to. -Karel Kramer