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If you have a current KTM and you regularly boil coolant out of your radiators, then you can really use a cooling fan. And on any of the battery-equipped models (and Husabergs too) the installation is bolt-on simple with detailed, picture-aided instructions.The small fan mounts on brackets already on the radiators or with mounting pins that go through the louvers on the radiators. All of the wires are included and plug right into existing wires on most bikes we've sampled. A temperature sensor that screws into an existing plug on the radiator is included, too. Installation takes about an hour to complete. Then, you have an electronically controlled fan that will almost eliminate boiling save for

the most abusive situations. The biggest benefit is that the fan will come on as soon as the temperature starts to go up, meaning that it gives the bike a head start on cooling. Then, even if the air speed through the radiator is low, the fan allows cooling to take place. On any of the four bikes I've hooked one of these babies up to, it totally eliminated the complete boil-over I'd experienced before. You can still get the bike to spit some coolant sometimes, but you have to be very abusive. Now just stopping when you begin to get the bike hot, by just idling, will cool it. And if you keep pushing the fan does a great job of delaying the coolant boiling to the point that it rarely happens. Overall the drain on the battery is minimal if your charging system is in good order, and you can even wire it to a switch to shut it off completely if you are scared. At $124.99 it is a bargain when you think of how much trouble this little gem is keeping you out of. -Jimmy Lewis

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