Cycra Probend Flexx Bar Handguard System - Dirt Rider Magazine

I love my Flexx handlebars but I've struggled for the longest time getting a wrap-around hand guard solution for them. Both BRP and Fasst Company have made mounts that allow me to run a regular hand guard, but those always took a fair amount of fidgeting on my part to get dialed in. With this $89.95 Cycra system it is bolt-on and play, just the way I like it. Installation took about 20 minutes, about a quarter the time I'm used to. It was more like bolting on a simple non-wrap-around design since the attachment goes right through the pivot on the Flexx bar. There could be some issues if you drastically cut down your bar to slither through trees, but the elongated hole gives you some room (you won't be able to go too much farther with the Flexx bar anyway). The hoses and wires were all clear and out of the way, too. And, since the aluminum hand guard moves along with the pivot of the bar, it doesn't add any rigidity to the feel of the handlebar, a common issue I have with most aluminum wrap-around handguards. The only complaint is when I actually use the guard to bounce off a tree or rock, then, I remember it is aluminum, not plastic. I prefer the softer impact feel of plastic.The system will fit on any set of Flexx bars and the plastic covers come in a variety of colors to make your ride look as sweet as it will be at protecting your fingers and levers. I've been bashing two bikes for about a year each with this system installed and have yet to have anything go wrong, even though I've bent the pivot bolts a few times in crashes. The plastic parts are holding strong and there is plenty of bark and gravel in the mounting screw heads to prove they are doing their job.** -Jimmy Lewis**

||| |---|---| |Hard Parts|89.0| |Installation|19/20| |Function|46/50| |Durability|8/10| |Design|8/10| |Price|8/10|