Ride On Racing MX Lift Stand

There have been many different varieties of lift stands produced, and I explain that fact by assuming that many riders are in this sport to be carried by motorcycles and not the other way around.The Ride-On stand partially folds. It doesn't fold completely flat, but does fold low enough to store under a bike in your hauler even though it's a bit bulky. When the stand is folded (easily with your toe under the convenient foot lever) the side is built like a ladder. That ladder side has a low angle, and a bike rolls up without trouble. After the front wheel goes over the other side of the stand, dismount and step forward on the foot lever. The stand articulates up and a molded rubber pad-covered platform rises to lift and support a dirt bike. It needs fairly flat and supportive ground and it does take a little practice to get it right.Every bike we used was supported firmly with at least one wheel off the ground. One of the best features of the stand is not the way it supports a bike, but rather, with the stand collapsed it is the right height to use as a foot rest to start a bike.

Once you have a bike on the stand, you can remove the foot lever with a small pin. That leaves nothing sticking out the side of the stand to trip on. You can insert the same pin into the stand to lock it in the up position. At $125.00 the stand isn't cheap, but it isn't really out of line compared to other lift stands. It would be nice if the stand folded totally flat for transport. For shorter riders the bonus of using it as a step for starting a bike is nice.Our stand has spent a lot of time out in the weather, and it still lifts smoothly and easily, and it looks like new.-Karel Kramer

TOOLS 88.0
Function 46/50
Portable 7/10
Durability 19/20
Design 9/10
Price 7/10