MSR Axle Pulls

Most off-road racers do everything they can to save seconds on the trail, but not a lot of thought is given to saving time on maintenance and repairs. This is where products like the MSR Axle Pulls are golden, because each $19.95 unit can seriously cut down on the time it takes to remove and reinstall a wheel.The process is simple: Install the front and rear Axle Pulls by inserting and tightening them down into the pull (non-nut) side of their respective axles. Now, rather than having to punch the axle out with a hammer (or worse: with your hand), you have a great place to grab the axle to yank it out. Yes, this product is as simple as it sounds. But it also works awesome, and after doing a hurried wheel swap with axle pulls, you won't ever want to do one without them again.Despite the size of the handle and some seriously gnarly trail rides, I never had a problem snagging either the front or rear pulls on rocks, though I did scrape up the rear quite a bit. You have to keep an eye on the Allen bolt to make sure it doesn't come loose, but neither of these little helpers has budged an inch. Solid! -Chris Denison

Installation 20/20
Function 47/50
Durability 8/10
Design 8/10
Price 9/10,