Dick's Racing KTM Lift Handle

Late model KTM off-road bikes are exceptionally well thought out, almost like they are designed and built by people who actually ride dirt bikes. Apparently though, none of those riders ever gets stuck or lifts the bike onto a stand. There isn't a great place at the rear of the bike to grab hold and lift it from.If, like me, you sometimes need a solid place to lift the rear of the bike from, Dicks Racing has the gold standard for grab handles with this billet aluminum unit. It replaces the mounting bolts for the muffler and occupies the holes already in the side number plate. The aluminum handle provides a sturdy, tucked in option to grab a solid hold of.Early examples had some sharp corners, but now the finish is smooth with rounded edges. I found that my $75.00 silver unit made it much easier to lift the bike onto a stand, and also worked well for dragging the bike around when I got stuck on a trail. Since there is only one handle, it helped when I buried the bike, but wasn't as easy to lift the bike by as a strap would be. Anodized black or orange costs another 10 bucks. Installation time was under five minutes. I never noticed the handle while riding.

-Karel Kramer

Installation 20/20
Function 45/50
Durability 10/10
Design 9/10
Price 7/10
916 722.2373