Terrycable Footpeg Rebuild Kit - Dirt Rider Magazine

TerrycableFootpeg Rebuild KitYou can have a bike with a lot of miles under the tires, but it can still feel great if the controls-including sharp, level, fl op-free footpegs-are in decent shape. Maintaining these parts isn't expensive unless you're a chronic crasher. The exception is the footpeg situation. Even if you replace the pegs, if the mounts on the frame are wallowed out, the pegs droop. Terrycable sells a footpeg repair kit that comes complete with oversize pins, a drill bit and all the needed hardware. We had a KX250 that was beyond floppy pegs, so we ordered the $25 kit. It was a snap to drill out the mounts and pegs. Even though they were sagging severely, the Terrycable kit put them back in the running. If you're in need, this kit is awesome. Since it's a specialized product, Terrycable doesn't have part numbers for every bike, but it's worth checking. Nothing even close to $25 will make worn pegs feel this good. -Karel Kramer