Scott USA Desert Goggle - Dirt Rider Magazine

Having the right gear can make a ride way better. Dry, dusty, baked eyes are no fun. Enter the Scott Desert goggle. It's based on the popular 89Xi frame but beefed up with a much more dense foam around the venting areas and the same double-density foam as the top-of-the-line No Sweat Xi around the sealing surface to your face. The lens is a light-sensitive gray tint, no-fog and scratch resistant. The fi t is perfect for medium-size heads and the sealing is about as good as it gets, great when dust is a factor. And if the goggle fi ts your face properly and dust doesn't seep in around the edge, it will not come through the thicker foam venting of this goggle. For desert racing this means zero dust getting into the inside of the lens. This makes for a warmer goggle in the summer and one that's a bit easier to fog in the winter, but the no-fog lens is one of the best we've sampled, taking a real steamy workout to get blurry. Plus, being the desert model, this goggle was intended for higher speeds with a corresponding higher amount of airflow, where the goggle works perfectly.It doesn't let enough air into the eyeport to dry your eyes, just enough to keep your blinkers feeling fresh. This is also about the best goggle I've tried for dual-sport applications that involve any high-speed, wind-blown road riding. The goggle comes with a spare lens and a cloth case. You'd better like black, it's the only color choice. At $59.95, you're getting what you pay for, which is a lot of features tuned just right for a specific purpose. -Jimmy Lewis