Fulmer Afsix Helmet - Dirt Rider Magazine

I 've heard the saying, "If you have a $10 head, use a $10 helmet." In fact, I've used every price range of helmet and can say that by at least having a helmet, even at $10, it's better than nothing. Going one step further, when I first saw this helmet, I had no idea of the $99.95 price. So I tried on the AFSIX and it fit, true to size on my medium head. The lid was great looking, had a removable liner, trick vents with wire mesh and guides for the goggle strap. Then I started wearing it; mostly because it fit, secondarily because I liked the look of the matte-white finish and graphics. There wasn't much in this helmet that differentiated it from others I'd been wearing that were in the $250-$300 range. Since it passes the DOT and Snell tests, I guess that means it has enough legal safety built into it, plus it passed my squeeze-push-twist foam test. And I even bumped it off the ground in smaller crashes and a few good bumps on trees in the forest-nothing too heavy but enough to feel confident in this lid. The venting is more of a styling feature than anything that channels real cooling air to your head, but this is true with almost all "vented" helmets. It has a removable liner, that isn't the best built, since mine began coming unstitched after a few months. About the only other gripe I had was the matte finish made it difficult to remove pine tree sap from the helmet and the outer material and finish didn't like harsh cleaners. But when you consider the price, it's amazing how nice of a helmet it is. -Jimmy Lewis