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Trak Tools
Ready Wrench Kit

After a zipper on my tool pack burst open leaving me with only empty space where my ride-saving tools should have been, I needed something to fill the emptiness in my bum bag. I threw in the $59.95 Ready Wrench kit along with a few other tools for a nearly complete race pack. The kit includes slotted and Phillips screwdriver bits, 10 and 12mm open-end wrenches and 8, 10, 12 and 13mm magnetic sockets, which work well for maintenance and making adjustments on the trail. The magnetic sockets are nice, so you don't lose a bolt when removing it, and the bits lock nicely into the body of the tool for a good, secure feel. My only wish is for an extension to make it easier to get at hard-to-reach fasteners, and the T/L sliding handle could be a bit longer for more leverage and comfort. The kit contains a lot of tools in a small space, so it is a great addition to any tool kit. -Derek Steahly