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Rekluse Z-Start Clutch
Auto-clutches have been a real hit with certain riders since the Rev-Loc came out a few years ago. Another player in the game is Rekluse Motor Sports with its very simple top pressure plate-only design. Since you don't have to replace the basket, the installation would seem quite easy, but it still takes a bit of time. On both our Honda CRF250X and KTM 300 EXC it took about two hours each to do the install.The system uses a series of ball bearings running on ramps against a pressure plate that replaces the clutch springs. There is an option to keep manual clutch operation by installing a separate piece called the "perch adjuster" onto the cable-equipped bikes. This, since the clutch is disengaged at low rpm, keeps tension on the cable to give a better feel at the lever, even though you really never need to touch the lever if everything is set up properly. It also allows easy adjustment of the stall speed. On hydraulic-clutched bikes, you can leave the clutch or remove it altogether. The instructions are complete, but read them a couple of times so you have a grasp of the process before you do it, especially the setting of the gap between the clutch plates.Riding the bike, you'll notice the Rekluse is one of the most unique and user-friendly products you could install. Since bikes like the 250X have to rev, the clutch isn't always slipping at low rpm as on big-bore machines, because it's grabbing hard at the revs the bike needs to be ridden at. The auto-clutch will allow you to ride a gear or two high, but that will wear out the plates if you do it too much. If you just shift it as you should, you can get away with a lot, since you never have to worry about clutching or stalling. It is critical that the bike be jetted properly. In the case of a bike that is prone to stalling due to jetting, the initial load will easily stall the bike when the clutch kicks in.The true advantage is in very technical riding, where the Rekluse will do all the slipping for you and get you over and through obstacles that riders typically stall on. Even advanced riders quickly adapt to letting the clutch do the work and ride some stuff a gear high as the bike will now shoot out and save them a shift in the process. The clutch can still be used manually at low rpm and to get some snap, but the feel is pretty funny at the lever due to the Rekluse working internally. At higher rpm, the pull gets pretty stiff.We put more than 40 hours on our 250X and checked it out for wear, which was no more than had the bike been stock. And on the two-stroke KTM it is working perfectly. It is important to understand the adjustment and what it takes to keep it set properly. About the biggest fault we found with the system is that you can't bump-start the bike. There are some riders who just can't get used to riding a bike with the $399-$549 Rekluse ($99 more for the perch adjuster), but by the same token, there are some who ride with it and will never go back. In fact, my wife Heather is worried riding with it will make her forget how to use the clutch at all! -Jimmy Lewis

|||| |---|---|---| | Hard Parts| Max.| Rated| | Installation| 20| 14| | Function| 50| 45| | Durability| 10| 9| | Design| 10| 9| | Price| 10| 8| | Total| 100| 85| 866/735-5873www.rekluse.comHigh Roller Stay-Lock Tiedowns
You'd better put your name on these tie straps, because you'll want them back-for a few good reasons. First is the integrated heavy-duty carabiner in place of the usual bottom hook; no more unhooked ties while driving through tight turns or at the brink of balance while loading. Second is having a soft strap as well as a rubber-coated hook. This makes it so much more versatile in attaching to things other than motorcycle handlebars. And the rest of the tiedown is all quality, 72 inches long and 1 inch wide, and rated to 1200 pounds in straight-line strength. This makes even the longest span in the bed of a full-size truck manageable. We've had a few sets in use for more than a year now and the only complaint is that the rubber coating is peeling on a couple of them-but I'm sure we shouldn't have been using them to pull a truck out of the mud, either. Available in pairs colored black, blue or red, the Stay-Lock retails for $24.95 in a cam-lock as we tested them and $31.95 in a ratcheting buckle. -Jimmy Lewis

|||| |---|---|---| | Hard Parts| Max.| Rated| | Installation| 20| 20| | Function| 50| 46| | Durability| 10| 9| | Design| 10| 10| | Price| 10| 9| | Total| 100| 94| See your local dealerwww.highrollerproducts.comSet Up Adventure Boot
While preparing for the epic Dirt Rider dual-sport ride to the Hangtown National in Sacramento, California, I was handed a pair of Set Up Adventure boots. I'd never heard of the brand; the boots were too short to be pure motocross footwear yet were too aggressive to be called street wear, with their lug-pattern sole and MX-boot buckle system. So faced with 1300 miles, I figured why not give them a try; I had plenty of time to get familiar with my new footwear.What I found was a boot with relatively few issues. It breaks in well but not too much. It provides fine support in all conditions. It's easy to put on and remove. It fits under boot-cut jeans just fine. And the mountain climbing-style soles provide excellent grip. In fact, there was too much grip in certain circumstances, say when railing turns on dry dirt fire roads. I had to be careful or my foot dragging turned into foot wrenching and painful leg bending. Once I became wary of this, I quickly learned these boots are a darn good compromise between a motocross boot, a street boot and something good for hoofing it on slimy park trails.My only other nitpick was the middle buckle's tendency to pinch in the leather a little too easily. Some additional break-in would likely cure this as the buckle backing is made of very thick leather. As for waterproofing, no problems there. Lacking any good rain, I waded into Yosemite's Bridalveil Fall and tried my best to get the boots to soak up some good ol' H2O. No luck. My feet stayed nice and dry. The heat of California's San Joaquin Valley provided another climate extreme, and my feet again stayed comfortable. The $199.99 boots are ideal for the adventuring souls out there who require footwear that will last and tolerate a lot of abuse. -Robert Jordan

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Some trick parts are simple yet make life easier. One such item is the Enduro Engineering axle pull. Considering the damage you can do (especially on the current large-diameter front KTM axle) to the threads on a sticky axle, this little bolt-on handle makes removal 10 times easier. And for racing, when time is of the essence, it is almost a necessity if you want quick and easy wheel swaps. The pull bolts on in minutes; just add a bit of Loctite and you'll never need to mess with it again. Available for most late-model dirt bikes, for front and rear axles, this $19.95 gem is perfectly purposeful. -Jimmy Lewis

|||| |---|---|---| | Hard Parts| Max.| Rated| | Installation| 20| 18| | Function| 50| 45| | Durability| 10| 10| | Design| 10| 10| | Price| 10| 9| | Total| 100| 92| 517/393-2421www.enduroeng.comTeam Hawg Racing MX EZ Up Workshop LiftTo work on bikes, I don't want to lift them onto stands, kneel on the floor or bend over all day. So I was very impressed when I saw Team Hawg Racing's MX EZ Up Workshop Lift. It combines a small hydraulic scissors lift and an oversize bike stand. It's solidly constructed with big feet and a generous rubber-covered top and weighs a whopping 70 pounds. It has carrying handles, but you won't want to carry it far.Using the EZ Up takes more time than an ordinary stand. Its 14.5-inch minimum height means you have to lift the bike on. Then you need to tie the footpegs to the stand top for safety. That takes a few seconds with the supplied threaded J-hooks. This stand lifts the engine cradle 3 feet and the wheels 21 inches off the ground, so don't use it without securing the bike. The EZ Up has a 350-pound capacity to accommodate most any modern dirt bike.You lift the bike by pumping a pedal attached to the hydraulic unit, and lower it with steady pressure on a smaller release pedal. A large steel pin slides through holes in the side of the stand to lock it in four possible height positions. We haven't had any problems leaving the stand supported by the hydraulic unit, with the pin in for safety. A local repair shop uses the EZ Up in its service department; the mechanics had one hydraulic unit fail, so they insert the pin then take the pressure off the unit to let it live longer.This lift is great for tire, engine, chassis and suspension work. It isn't great for oil changes. Drain the oil before you put the machine on the stand. In terms of space and price ($260 plus $20 shipping), the EZ Up is a great addition to a serious garage shop. It is worth its price in saved back pain alone. Think hard about the wheeled model. It is priced a bit higher but might be vital if you don't have the room to leave bikes in the middle of the floor. -Karel Kramer

|||| |---|---|---| | Tools| Max.| Rated| | Function| 50| 48| | Portability| 10| 5| | Durability| 20| 18| | Design| 10| 9| | Price| 10| 8| | Total| 100| 88| 916/941-3766; www.teamhawgracing.comFox Racing 45o Rock Star Under ProtectorSome of us don't like the feel of a full-blown chest protector and, opting not to use our brains, wear only a jersey. Lately, I have been one of those fools, but I'm tired of being pummeled by roost. Fox has revamped its $59.95 Rock Star roost deflector, so I gave it a try.Being fully adjustable, the Rock Star fits much better, nice and snug. It features nylon stretch material that really allows it to move and groove around the body. It's slim and doesn't look like football pads under your jersey. Removable arm and elbow pads have been integrated into the Rock Star, but after a few motos during which I found the arm protection a bit restrictive, I opted to forgo the minimal protection the arm pads offer. For roost protection the Rock Star works well, but every so often a nice-sized rock will still have you feeling the pain. The Rock Star is available only in an adult size.-Corey Neuer

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