Oops! Correction to Dirt Riders Air Filter Oil and Cleaners Comparison - Dirt Rider Magazine

In Dirt Rider's air filter oil and cleaner comparison, we had a slight mistake that was corrected into a bigger mistake. For Twin Air's Liquid Power filter oil, we put the wrong photo. Which prompted our copy editor to change the name on the title, which makes it seem like the wrong oil (Twin Air Bio Liquid Power Filter Oil) got a higher rating than the exact same oil (Motorex Liquid Bio Power Filter Oil) which is not the case.The oil rated on page 154 should have been the regular (non-bio) Twin Air Liquid Power Oil. The give away, to those who had it stained into their fingers, is the note where it is described as a dark blue oil. Confused, so were we, that one sailed under our radars. But for the record, here it is! The Twin Air's Liquid Power filter oil ranked with an 82 score. Next time we're making our copy editor clean all the filters!