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Tag Metals
Rear Sprockets

Without a doubt, some of the most often overlooked products on the market are sprockets. I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed that it took so long to get my hands on this TAG Metals product. The CNC-machined 7075-T6 aluminum sprocket is claimed to be built for performance and durability. And after a little more than 33 hours of use, the TAG sprocket on my RM250 is showing absolutely no signs of wear. The teeth are still sharp, and the hard anodizing is holding up, keeping the sprocket looking new. Installing the sprocket was easy, as all of the holes lined up perfectly.This TAG sprocket earned a perfect score of 100 for the mere fact that I loved everything about it! Although it's a simple little part on your bike, it's a very important part. At $59.95, it looks super-trick and has a longer life span than any sprocket that I have ever tested without leaving a gaping hole in the wallet. Need I say more? -Corey Neuer

|||| |---|---|---| | Hard Parts| Max.| Rated| | Installation| 20| 20| | Function| 50| 50| | Durability| 10| 10| | Design| 10| 10| | Price| 10| 10| | Total| 100| 100| 619/299-6255; www.tagmetals.cc