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At first glance, it seems as if ACN Machining & Welding would have a tough time selling its hand-guard clamps. Why pay $39.95 to $43.95 (depending on whether you get normal or extended ones, dual-sport or colors) for a hand-guard clamp when your hand guards come with clamps? Remember that saying about building a better mousetrap? The ACN mounts are simply of a higher caliber, and if your bike/guard installation has any cable/hose interference at all, these mounts are well worth the money.Check out the photo and see that the ACN units have a channel through which cables and hoses are routed. That channel makes installations painless while decreasing the chance of damaging any controls if the guards move in a fall. The mounts are not only a good idea but also beautifully manifested, with a polished finish and every edge rounded and smoothed. I want them on all my bikes, and everyone who sees them also wants a set. You should check out the web site to see all the options that are available before you order.
—Karel Kramer