2005 Fox Forma Pro Dirt Bike Boots

Find out everything you need to know about the Fox Forma Pro dirt bike boots

When we first received our new 2005 Fox Forma Pro dirt bike boots, we assumed they were the same as the 2004 boot model but with a new look. Then the boot broke in more easily and was more comfortable than our previous pair. A call confirmed that the design had been changed to help break-in and comfort. In the interest of comfort, it got seam-minimized internal construction, customized internal padding, buckle-strap–pressure-dissipating pads and a calfskin heel strip for comfort and to stop heel slippage. The combination works well.

The new Fox Forma Pro dirt bike boots look great, with pearl white leather, chrome and aluminum accents. The boots kept their looks as long as we stayed on moto tracks; an off-road ride in Nevada left them colored from brushes with creosote bushes and surface-rashed from rock grazes, but our feet remained in fine condition.Even though the boots broke in quickly, they haven't grown loose or floppy. The support remains like new. Even if they were priced as premium boots, the Formas would be a good buy, but at a midline price of $239.95, they are a very stylish bargain.

We found that the boots run a little small. So if you are on the edge sizewise, round up. The buckles take a solid whack to close, but it was never a real problem; and the more tension you have on the buckle straps, the better they stay closed.How can you tell if you are getting the 2005 boots? All of the new boots are available in the 2005 colors of black, Dark Stone, Metallic Silver, Metallic White and red; and the look is hard to confuse with the 2004-and-earlier model. The different colors are available in sizes 6 to 13, and the matte black boot is available in sizes 5 through 15.
—Karel Kramer