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The awesome reels of incredible footage shot from extremely creative angles appear just spliced together without much correlation or lead-in. It comes off very much like a porn flick; Throttle is all action with little plot and dialogue, and it lacks continuity between scenes. Occasionally, the person in focus, say Geoff Aaron, Johnny Campbell or Steve Hengeveld, narrates or answers questions about what he likes or thinks about his particular discipline, but sadly, that is the exception, not the rule.It shows virtually every aspect of dirt-bike competition, from trials to Baja to the L'Enduro du Touquet beach race in France, and the crew comes close to pulling it off. But the film stumbles with the missing story arc and the randomness of the footage. The teasers of the GNCC and WORCS races leave you asking if that's all there is. For example, the footage from the infamous 2003 Palatka, Florida, GNCC would have been a great chance to show the conditions racers are willing to endure in the name of "fun," with voice-over interviews as guys plow through the axle-deep water and mud.Still, I did enjoy aspects of this flick. Watching it gave me an itch to ride (except for maybe watching Guy Perrett earn a trip to the hospital). The opening episode of Destry Abbott and Steve Hatch heading out straight from their respective garages and demonstrating their incredible desert-trail prowess is a good hook. And if the Garrahan brothers' Coalinga (Clear Creek) foray doesn't make you yearn to ride, check for a pulse.So would I recommend it? Too many guys today capture great footage but can't put it together in a polished package. This is one of those. Throttle is a decent movie, but it is not great. If you can be satisfied with a $24.95 DVD that features nonstop action of people on dirt bikes of all varieties, with a soundtrack that is actually fairly pleasant, then get this flick.
--Bryan NylanderIt's been a long time since I've seen a quality motorcycle film. Throttle has it all--off-road, motocross, trails, freestyle and supermoto. Along with covering the different specialties, it is one of the first films to roll through our offices that has been done with class. No loud, obnoxious music (yeah, that was cool in the original Crusty video a decade ago) and no unknown, scandalous, tattooed freaks not wearing a stitch of safety gear (who must be strung out on something). This DVD is a good, clean film showing some of best footage I have ever seen of off-road legends Johnny Campbell, Steve Hatch and Destry Abbott. Complementing them is new arenacross champion Darcy Lange play riding in the back woods near his house in Canada. Throttle also features some original footage from last year's Nationals of Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart. The film was edited to a variety of music with brief words from some of the riders in the film.I really enjoyed the special features with Guy Perrett and Johnny Campbell. I thought it was edited differently from most videos, but it would have been nice to see a bit more of these guys doing what they do best in more detail. I guess that is a good thing, as Throttle left me wanting more! Bottom line, this is a clean, tasteful film that I can let my three-year-old watch and enjoy; I wish there were more films like it. I give this video a 10!
--Corey Neuer**DR Tested:

Imagery: 9.0 Total Package: 7.0

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