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For the most part, MSR has been tagged as an off-road-oriented company, but recently it has been making its presence felt on the moto scene with some stylish new gear. MSR introduced newer-style gear this summer, but we want to give you the full scoop on the previously released, but just as stylish, System X Vented gear.The System X Vented gear seems to run a little small; our test rider, who normally wears a size 32 pant, fit into a 34. Made from a noticeably soft, light and comfortable material, the gear is well vented in the heat zones—the thighs and underarms have large vent holes. There is nicely placed padding on the elbows, and the knees offer excellent room and flex to accommodate knee braces. The sleeve cuffs were a bit tight on our test rider, but not horribly so. However, the rubber logo on the neck was a little annoying, rubbing against our tester's throat. We liked the fastening system: The System X Vented pant secures via a zipper and buttons in the center with two hook-and-loop adjusters on either side. The gloves are made from the same soft material and are very comfortable, but they have a tad too much padding in the palm for our liking.The true test for vented gear usually comes in the washing machine. After several runs in the wash, the gear has held up rather well with only a few frays on the shirt cuffs. Mud stains lifted out of the soft material nicely, and colors didn't fade at all. The System X Vented is probably the best gear we've seen from MSR, and we can't wait to try the new stuff when it shows up. Available in blue and white, the pant runs $144.95; the glove, $36.95; and the jersey, $49.95.DR Tested: 9.2MSR: See your local Tucker Rocky dealer; www.msracing.com