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When someone talks about yanking your chain, it's usually not a good thing. D.I.D has changed that with its Professional Gold X-Ring ATV Chain. We know what you're thinking: Why is Dirt Rider doing a test on an ATV product? But this $83.25 X-ring chain isn't just for ATVs, it's made for all kinds of extreme riding conditions. D.I.D's standard X-ring is great for motocross or play riding, but the X-ring ATV chain is better able to handle tough conditions, such as mud or heavy snow, and you still don't lose the great performance you expect from a D.I.D chain. Back in the day, O-ring chains had a bad reputation with moto guys—it seemed to take 15 minutes of riding to warm them up enough so you didn't feel as if your bike was dragging an anchor. But those days are gone. We installed our X-Ring ATV Chain on a 2003 Honda CRF450R. Yes, it also used to be that you would install O-ring chains only on a big-bore bike because of their horsepower-robbing reputation. The newer X-ring design is claimed to have about 50 percent lower friction and 50 to 100 percent longer wear than a standard O-ring chain. We really couldn't tell any performance loss or gain over a standard chain, but it is wearing extremely well with minimal care. With X-ring technology, D.I.D claims you won't have to lube the chain but every 300 to 400 hundred miles. This heavy-duty version is wider than the motorcycle version, so check that you don't own a bike with a countershaft sprocket that runs extremely close to the engine cases. The chain just skimmed the case of our 450. D.I.D's Professional Gold X-ring chain is warranted against manufacturer's defects in material and workmanship for one year from the purchase date or 20,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Overall, if you need a chain for gnarly conditions or have a high-power machine, the D.I.D Professional Gold X-Ring ATV Chain could be the one for you.DR Tested: 8.5White Brothers: 888/926-7337; www.whitebrothers.com