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If you are serious about your bike's suspension performance, you should bleed the air out of each fork tube before every ride. Keeping the fork at zero pressure makes it move freely in the initial travel, and it is a consistent starting point. Taking time to bleed the fork, and in many cases actually getting to the screws, is a definite hassle, though. Motocross Plus makes it easy. The company has sourced all the proper fittings, connected them with feather-light high-pressure tubing then provided a bleeder push button at the end of the tubing that can be fastened to the handlebar. Installing the kit required only removing the stock bleeder screws and cutting a zip-tie. After installation, the bleeder worked flawlessly and was effortless to use. Any time you think about the bleeder, just stop, pull up on the bar to unload the front end and push the button.The unit is well protected by the handlebar and the number plate, and even when riding in brushy conditions we had no problems. The whole system weighs only grams, so weight isn't an issue. If you have a bike on which the handlebar is located right over the top of the fork, you may have trouble making the kit fit. Otherwise, it should fit all bikes with no problem.Is the Factory Fork Bleeder a must-have item? Not at all. The stock bleeder screws work fine, even if they are a pain to use. The $45.99 bleeder kit is a convenience, a time-saver and a reminder to perform a necessary task.DR Tested: 8.0Motocross Plus: 503/638-3026; www.motocrossplus.net