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Kawasaki has a strong off-road program, so it only seems logical that companies like IMS are able to jump right onto new KX models and generate off-road products. The KX125 and 250 were brand-new for '03, and in terms of bodywork, they remained unchanged for 2004. IMS has a very slim and attractive tank for the new KXs. The capacity is approximately 3 gallons, nearly a gallon up on the stock tank. As a bonus, the green tank we chose is semi-opaque, so it was easy to see the fuel level as we filled the tank. Installing it was easy—to a point. It actually mounted up quickly and easily, but then we couldn't get the middle mount of the seat to hook on either the KX125 or the KX250. We checked with some KX riders, and they claimed you can play with the side brackets to get the "tongue" of the seat base to slide under as it is supposed to. Even before we figured that out, the seat stayed put. The seat sat a little higher in the middle, which we thought was a bonus on the smallish KX.
The added fuel—nearly a third more capacity—extended the range nicely but didn't make the bike feel bulky or heavy. A couple of test riders claimed they could easily leave the tank in place for motocross.IMS offers the tank in black, green or natural color choices for $225. You can also have the tank with a normal screw-on cap or fitted for a dry-break for riders who need a quick-fill capability.DR Tested: 8.0IMS Products: 800/237-9906; www.imsproducts.com