Long Haul Testing: A Big Guy and a Husaberg - Dirt Rider Magazine

So immediately after our TE300 Husaberg test concluded there was a line of riders waiting to get a spin on it. And since I'm nice to my friends, I obliged by sending the TE300 out with one of them so the interested parties could take a spin on our test bike. Result, three bikes sold at a local dealer and our test bike has been instated into a crowd sourcing project to build the ultimate big guy bike. So for the sake of these updates and the information to follow, the crowd will be referred to as Bob. Collectively the size of Bob is larger and more girthy than your average human and has much more riding experience, in fact Bob has been riding for close to 200 years if I'm not mistaken.

So Bob has plans for the TE300 (s) that include but are not limited to getting the suspension set up, revalved and re-sprung . There is a question as to whether such a torque bike could benefit from a Rekluse clutch. Bob plans on doing a mini pipe shootout and has in fact already begun with the Enduro Engineering pipe already. There seems to be a general consensus that the Husaberg would not mind a steering damper and adding to the comfort will be some heated grips and a lighting setup so they can ride at night. Finally as much of a pack of copycats and lemming in line that Bob really is, don't be surprised if some part of Bob goes put and changes the look of his Husaberg.So keep an eye out for Bob on their Husaberg 300s all over California.