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We'd just like to say, don't try this at home on a bike you spent your own money on.

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Now you're into the top six!
This bike stood out at Dirt Rider's annual Torture Test and was chosen by the editors and test riders of Dirt Rider Magazine to be included in the magazine. You've likely read about how it compared to the other top five contenders in the test in the June issue of DR. This is the singled-out test of one of the best bikes we've tested all year. Enjoy!About the Bike:
The Am-Pro/FMF/Yamaha/Tucker Rocky WR450F is a bike built for the serious National Level racer, but also for the average rider that just wants a great bike to go trail riding on. It's a woods-worthy weapon capable of everything from play riding, to moto, to winning national-caliber off-road events. In fact, this bike is a close replica of the National Hare Scramble championship-winning WR, and an actual Am-Pro GNCC race bike.The Am-Pro boys started with a stock WR450F and dug in to make the bike more rider friendly for race pace. With the help of Yamaha, GYT-R, FMF, Kenda, Pro-Taper/Tucker Rocky, Factory Connection, Cycra, Zip-Ty Racing, EBC, GPR, EK Chain, Fastway, Johnny Signs, Ready Filter, TM Designworks, Yamalube, E-Batt, G2 Ergonomics, Eleven 10 mods and Motion Pro this WR has turned from a mild-mannered trail bike to a very powerful, smooth and plush machine that is worthy of the Am-Pro reputation of quality, reliability and performance.Parts and Modifications:****GYT-R:; 800-962-9726
Perfromance head assembly: $2249.95
Performance piston kit: $229.95
Blue rear sprocket (50 tooth) $59.95
Front sprocket (14 tooth) $24.95
Billet clutch cover $110.95
Billet inner clutch inner hub $279.95
Billet clutch pressure plate $157.95
Billet clutch basket $209.95
Fuel screw $31.95
Blue timing plug (14mm) $24.95
Blue timing plug (27mm) $25.95
Blue oil filler plug $26.95
Enduro skid plate $115.95
Radiator braces $99.95
Rear brake master cylinder guard $35.95
Axle blocks $41.95
Front brake line pinch $34.95
Shroud graphics $79.95
Gripper seat cover blue/black $47.95
V-1 MDX clutch lever $79.95
V-1 MDX front brake lever $79.95
Billet clutch perch w/hot start $188.95
Front wheel spacer kit $34.95
Rear wheel spacer kit $35.95
Rear brake clevis $44.95Yamalube:; 800-962-9726
10W-40 motor oil: $9.49/ qt.
Brake fluid: $6.49Kenda Tires:; 614-866-9803
Washougal Sticky front: Price varies
Washougal Sticky rear: Price variesFMF Racing:; 310-631-4363
Factory 4.1 System w/powerbomb header $799.99Pro-Taper:; 800-840-3040
EVO bar-CR-HI $94.95
Half-waffle soft grips $14.95Cycra:; 800-770-2259
Powerflow shrouds $59.95
Stealth hand shields $34.95
Performance front fender $19.95
Disc cover $25.95Zip-Ty Racing:; 760-244-7028
Zip-Ty Signature Series off-set triple clamps $499.95
Brake pin set $19.95
Magnetic drain plug $19.95
Magnetic drain plug (oil Tank) $19.95
Waterless race coolant $23.95
Front Axle nut $14.95
Front Axle hex extender $14.95
Neutral safety switch plug $14.95Factory Connection:; 800-221-7560
Fork re-valve and service $180.00 (labor only, parts extra)
Shock re-valve and service $180.00 (labor only, parts extra)Johnny Signs:; 812-275-7535
Team graphic kit (front/rear fender, fork guards, swingarm, airbox, handguards, number plates): $variesTM Designworks:; 541-535-1612
Chain guide $69.95
Disc guard $79.95Ready Filters:; 800-400-9924
Performance pre-oiled air filter $9.95Fastway:; 866-466-4762
F-6 footpegs w/spike cleats $129.95
Extra spike cleats $22.95EK Chain:
520 O-ring chain $N/A
Rivet link $N/AEBC Brakes:
Extreme Pro front brake pads $N/A
Extreme Pro rear brake pads $N/AMotion Pro:; 650-594-9600
T2 throttle cable $36.99
T2 clutch cable $33.99
T2 hot-start cable $22.30GPR Stabilizer:; 619-661-0101
Version 4 stabilizer $495E Batt:
Self-charging 12oz Lithium battery $129.99Eleven 10 Mods:; 724-562-8877
Performance carb mods $150.00G2 Ergonomics:; 815-718-5860
G2 Throttle Cam System w/300X cam $99.95

This is Thad Duvall on the WR450F on the MX test. Any questions about a WR as a some-time track bike?

Dirt Rider Post Torture Evaluation:****This is the Best Bike Because: It works fantastic on the track or on the trail. All of the parts work in harmony, and it feels as light as a moto bike.This is not the Best Bike Because: The perfect control feel and detailing comes at a price, and we mean that literally.Dirt Rider Says:
Out of the 21 test bikes the Dirt Rider Torture Test started with, two were Yamaha WR450Fs, so it made sense that the same test group would compare them. It was hard to believe the difference between the two. Two companies started in the same place with supposedly identical goals to reach, but they arrived at very different places. Actually, what really happened was that one company - Am-Pro/FMF/Yamaha/Tucker Rocky - already had a race bike developed over several years with the help of extremely talented test riders and dedicated aftermarket companies. The goal for that race bike was very close to the goals we set for the Torture Test. GNCC races are no longer an endurance event with a sprint at the end. They are three-hour bar-banging sprints the whole way. As a result, engine and suspension tuning has morphed from the cushy ride of the Scott Summers era to the current level of near motocross suspension settings. Actually, the Am-Pro bike featured a more supple suspension action than we expected, but it still allowed Thad Duvall to throw down a blistering moto-test lap and crush the other bikes in the cross-country/terrain test.Obviously this is a capable off-road racer, but it was equally at home on trails when we hit some longer desert and mountain loops. The power is pretty boost-laden, yet is still smooth enough for slippery rocks and roots. As the rpm build the boost builds in concert, but in the upper middle rpm the engine switches to light speed. If you have never ridden a GNCC race, the course runs through tight and technical tree sections where passing is extremely difficult and left mostly to line choice and mistakes. But when the trail opens up for a brief stretch, you need to be able to pull the trigger and make passes happen.The Am-Pro engine is perfect for that. It doesn't beat you up in the dodgy bits, but has a whale of a passing gear. It should generate significant boost judging by the engine price tag and the pedigree of the parts. It uses the same GYT-R CNC-modded head that James Stewart runs. The good news is that you can buy the same head. The bad news is you can buy the head or a used bike or truck. The feel of the clutch action and engagement is as perfect as the power delivery, and simply silky in feel compared to the stocker. Thanks goes to more big-ticket GYT-R items inside the clutch case, a GYT-R perch and a Motion Pro Terminator clutch cable.Testing is what makes this bike great. It has been finessed until it fits the rider perfectly rather than being a mismatched collection of aftermarket parts. No wonder this bike is a champion's choice.Opinions
The engine on this bike really wants to run. It is smooth down low then rips in the mid-range and up top. The other WR was just more comfortable for me.
Don Kelley 5'11"/195 lb./B riderThe Am-Pro WR450F is a great all-around set up, whether it's racing through tree's or pounding whoops on a track, and that made it my favorite of the six bikes I rode. The power the WR puts out suits me best because it has a lot of power, but doesn't feel like it. I was able to cruise through the single-track sections comfortably at a consistent speed without the bike bogging down or uncontrollably accelerating, which gave me confidence to pick up the pace. The handling is what separated this bike from the Niks WR. The Factory Connection suspension was perfect for my weight and style, both on the trails and on the motocross track. The suspension was very plush and kept under my control at all times, which sold me on choosing this bike as my favorite.
Chris Dvoracek 6'/170 lb./ExpertThis WR seemed to do everything well, and yet there was no wow factor with this one. While the lack or wow may not seem like the best for an mx mount, it can be a great thing for a long off-road race or even a lengthy trail ride. This is just a really good all-around off-roader.
Dana BergAm-Pro's Yamaha WR450F is an excellent trail machine: very nimble, with smooth, quiet power. Loved this bike in the tight stuff, probably more than the KTM, but it was slightly under-sprung for my girth on the moto track. With some minimal suspension fiddling (i.e. stiffer springs), this would probably be my first choice (okay - maybe tied for first).
Nate Evans: 6'1"/215 lb./Vet AThis bike had great, smooth roll-on power with a big hefty mid-range pull to it. Its suspension felt balanced to me, and bike could get into corners very well. You can feel the weight of the bike in the tighter stuff which caused me to be slower in corners, but this was still one of the fastest bikes for me. The clutch got hot real quick and faded in the 4:30-minute loop we were doing.
Kris KeeferIf you weren't paying attention, this bike could slip right past you. It simply does everything so competently and effortlessly, you might think it is just plain cheap vanilla. Pay attention, though, and you realize the bike is extremely well-rounded, and it has something for every riding situation - sort of like a banana split. But like a banana split, this is a high-end dessert with a serious price tag that knocks it right out of contention for me.
Karel Kramer: 6'1"/225 lb./ B rider

A WR able to leap tall stuff in a single bound.
We\'d just like to say, don\'t try this at home on a bike you spent your own money on.
A WR able to leap tall stuff in a single bound.
We\'d just like to say, don\'t try this at home on a bike you spent your own money on.