The Torture Test - Am-Pro, FMF, Yamaha, GYT-R, YZ250 - Dirt Rider Magazine

Rocketman Kevin Foley samples some air on the Am-Pro YZ250. Despite the fact that it actually is a motocrosser, our guys found it stiff for the track.

About the Bike:
The Am-Pro, FMF, Yamaha, GYT-R, YZ250 is a bike built for the masses. The Yamaha YZ250 is capable of winning Grand National Cross Country Championships as it did under Barry Hawk in '03 and Supercross Championships with Chad Reed winning one in '04, but it is also capable of delivering plenty of fun for the average weekend warrior.The Am-Pro boys started with a stock YZ250 and decided to only add the absolute essentials, creating a race bike that was not only very capable but also very easy on the wallet. With the help of Yamaha, GYT-R, FMF, Kenda, Cycra, Johnny Signs, TM Designworks and Yamalube this YZ's focus was broadened to not only handle Motocross/Supercross but also the toughest trails you can throw at it.Parts and Modifications:****GYT-R: 800-962-97269oz Flywheel weight: Check you local Yamaha Dealer
Blue Rear Sprocket (49 tooth): $59.95
Enduro Skid Plate: $115.95Yamalube 800-962-9726Yamalube 2R: Price Not Available
Yamalube 10W-40: Price Not AvailableKenda Tires 614-866-9803Washougal Sticky Front: Price Not Available
Washougal Sticky Rear: Price Not AvailableFMF Racing 310-631-4363FMF Gnarly Pipe: $229.99
FMF Shorty Silencers: $119.99Cycra 800-770-2259Pro Bend Racer Pack: $109.95
Disc Cover: $25.95Johnny Signs 812-275-7535Team Graphic Kit (Front/rear fender, fork guards, swingarm, airbox, handguards, number plates): $N/ATM Designworks 541-535-1612Chain Guide: $69.95
Disc Guard: $79.95Editor's Note
This year's Dirt Rider Torture Test was set up like a screening for a reality TV show: Bring what you have and prepare for whatever happens. The idea was to show up at the Torture Test with the best all-around, one-bike-does-it-all off-road dirt bike, with no guidelines or requirements from our side. It was wide open, but everyone knew going in that it would be tough to make the cut to get into the final group of bikes you see in the magazine. Of course, they didn't all make it to the pages of Dirt Rider. Some missed out ever so slightly, some by a longer ways. This is a full test of one of the bikes that missed the final cut. The competition was tough but lurking in this field of bikes you can likely find an example of the perfect bike that fits your needs, or learn what other riders or people in the industry think is the best bike in the whole world. For the people and companies that built each of these bikes, it was the best bike they could deliver. -Jimmy Lewis, Editor Dirt Rider MagazineDirt Rider Post Torture Evaluation:****The best all-around bike because: This was basically a stock Yamaha YZ250 and anyone could have this bike and this performance without even blinking an eye. The motor's power is incredible, crisp and barky and the bike gets it done on the motocross track. Then, on the trail, it isn't too bad either.Not the best all-around bike because: Just taking a motocross bike and throwing it to the KTM wolves shows its weaknesses. For instance: non-electric-starting, the close ratio gear box with a tall first and short fifth gear, a smaller gas tank, no kickstand and a 19-inch rear wheel. Plus the setup is totally moto focused and even the flywheel couldn't mask that.

Jimmy Lewis was DR's man on the seat for the Extreme Enduro test section. He felt the suspension was too stiff and wanted even more flywheel weight.

Dirt Rider Says:If there was a bike that could challenge the KTM's in the two-stroke department easily, the Yamaha YZ250 is the base model for doing that. And unfortunately, we got the base model, not the fully equipped version that might have done the job. That being said, we know the Am Pro boys have a good suspension valving solution and we'd bet a more mellow power setup available, but time must have run out on for getting this bike done because even the supplied parts list was a little more presumptuous than what was supplied. Didn't matter, we rode the bike like we stole it and it was still fun. It showed that even with minimal setup, two-strokes still have a lot of game due to their light handling and great power-to-weight ratio. Yamaha luckily made the necessary changes to the YZ250 back in 1995 that have kept it competitive up to this day, especially as a starting point for a great all around bike. The challenge to the KTM's would come in the YZ's more burly power delivery, stiffer handling character and lighter feel. But this bike was just a motocrosser trying to cross-dress to a party is was slightly out of place at.-Jimmy LewisYamaha YZ 250 moto & trail
I know this is a full on moto bike but I had problems getting this bike to corner the suspension was too stiff. You really had to ride the motor hard to keep up your speed, lots of rpm's needed for little blue. -Dave Donatoni in MX testI liked the suspension of this bike on the motocross track. I did not however care for the light flywheel feel in this engine. It meant that you had to always keep the engine at high RPM to say in the power band which is not how I like to ride. At every corner of the track and in the tight turns of the trails, I found that I continuously had to slip the clutch in order not to stall the bike and even at that I still stalled it. I spent so much time trying to keep the engine running on the trails that I did not really pay attention to how the suspension preformed. Because of the light flywheel feel I would put this bike number four of my five rides. -Sean Crowley, NoviceFor me this bike is always a two-stroke shoot out winner. You can ride really hard at the tracks and trails, but the fast motor and good turning couldn't beat the KTM's this year. Riding this bike mistake free is hard; there is always a need to be clutching it at every turn. Also there is no comfortable ride in this bike, as you are always hopping from side to side.Want to beat the KTM's? Add a heavier flywheel for a smoother motor and revalved suspension for a more comfortable ride.-Alfredo Macklis, ExpertThis YZ felt just like a stock YZ250 MX bike in an enduro test. Too stiff with the front ricocheting off of everything. Needed more flywheel weight too! -Jimmy Lewis in Extreme TestI really liked this bike, the YZ 250 is the bike I would want under me if I were trying to ride at 100% and every second counted. To me, this is both good and bad; riding that way would subject both bike and body to much abuse. I would not want to spend much more than 80 miles on this bike, the suspension responded really well to my tendency to hit bumps hard and it wasn't too stiff since I'm a big boy. And the bike effortlessly went in any direction I wanted. The motor made good power that was available instantly with a little flick of the clutch. The YZ made me feel fast and gave me confidence to push my limit a little more than I would on some of the other bikes.-Scott Denison

Barry Hawk wasn\'t used to California\'s poofy berms, but he still railed on all the test loops.
This was one of the parts of the extreme test where Jimmy was wishing for more flywheel weight.