2006 Yamaha WR250F, WR450F and TT-R50 - Dirt Rider Magazine

Considering the overhaul Yamaha gave the WR models last year, it's not surprising to see only modest refinements to the off-road duo for 2006. While the '06 machines aren't radically different, a few key upgrades are sure to make them more versatile. One new feature we are definitely excited to see is the AIS on the WR250F—the same system the 450 received in 2005—making it green sticker legal. Californians can appreciate that now more than ever as we head into the doldroms of red sticker season.What else is new? Both WRs feature a new on-board digital enduro computer. In standard mode, it functions as a clock, speedometer and tripmeter, and in race mode it measures average speed, works as a timer and a distance-compensating tripmeter.The '06s received new front suspension as well. The 48mm fork features new "ultra-sensitive" compression circuitry for what Yamaha promises to be an even smoother ride. We haven't received much information on the new WR fork, but watch for the full scoop in the pages of Dirt Rider.New seat foam, a reinforced swingarm and new two-position handlebar clamps top off the list of changes to the 2006 WR.All-new TT-R50A brand new model to hit the line-up this year is Yamaha's TT-R50E. It's not replacing the two-stroke PW50, but adding another option to the blue line-up, and a direct competitor to Honda's ever-popular CRF50F. The little smurf is noteably similar to the CRF with a 49cc four-stroke air-cooled engine, three-speed auto clutch and nearly identical seat height (just under 22 inches).

So what sets the TT-R50E apart? The most notable difference is Yamaha's electric start which comes standard. Yamaha also offers quite a selection of GYT-R accessories so the TT-R can grow with junior. GYT-R parts include a tall bar kit, big bore kit, exhaust, glide plate and oversize footpegs just to name a few. Although Yamaha stresses the TT-R50E is for kids, these are all the bells and whistles you could ask for to hop up your 50.How will the TT-R50E stack up to the hugely popular CRF50F? Only a thorough test will tell. But for now, here are some side-by-side specs.

The 2006 WR450F (shown) and WR250F will be availible starting August 2005.
Randy Hawkins and Jason Raines show off Yamaha's new off-road machines.
The WR's new enduro computer displays time, speed and milage and features a race mode.
The smurfy new TT-R50 in stock condition.
The TT-R50 as pimped-out by GYT-R. Remember, it's for kids. Riiiiiight...
The TT-R50 gives another option to your little aggro-in-training.
Don't want to wait for the aftermarket bells and whistles? You don't have to.
The big bore kit, glide plate, oversize footpegs, wire air filter, etc., all availible from GYT-R.