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What's new on Big Red's menu for '06? Check out the first of Honda's 2006 models to trickle in including the CRF450R, the CRF250X, and CR two-strokes. See what's new, what's not and how much it's all going to cost.CRF250X

From the CRF250X's first release in 2004, Honda had a winner. The bike has received few changes since then, and it didn't need many. The modest changes made for 2006 were aimed at giving the little X lighter weight, better handling and greater durability.Honda addressed the 250X's rare problem of tightening valves by using a new material in the intake valve seat. The '06 also shed 1.1 pounds via a new, lighter swingarm, a lighter rear shock body and lighter rear hub (from its 250R brother). The X also received new front axle placement (as in last year's CRF250R) for improved fork action and turning.CRF450RHonda continues to search for ways to improve their class-winning motocrosser, the 450R. This year, their aim was to improve handling by changing the weight-feel of the bike. New engine cases tilt the motor forward and lower the crankshaft 5mm; the radiators are also 5mm lower. New exhaust-system placement further helps centralize mass and lower the bike's center of gravity.More refinements on the CRF450R include a new carburetor needle for improved engine response and revalved suspension, front and rear. The 450R also shares the new intake valve seat material from the 250X.CR125R &CR250R;No changes here. Honda surprised us last year with a redesigned CR125, a revision we didn't expect to see after the all-new '04, so the fact that the 2006 is unchanged is no surprise. The CR250 also received a major refinement in 2005, and like the 125, remains unchanged for '06.For more news on Honda's 2006 models, look in the October issue of Dirt Rider magazine, on newsstands this summer.How many pennies do you need to save before the 2006s arrive?

||| |---|---| 2006 Honda Pricing|Model Name| MSRP*| |XR650R |$6,299.00| |CRF450R |$6,899.00| |CRF450X |$7,199.00| |CRF250X |$6,399.00| |CR250R |$6,399.00| |CRF230F |$3,599.00| |CR125R |$5,449.00| |CRF100F |$2,319.00| |CR85R |$3,099.00| |CR85RB |$3,199.00| |CRF80F |$2,019.00| |CRF70F |$1,599.00| |CRF50F |$1,299.00|

Prices are subject to change without notice.
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