K&N Power Kleen Review

DR Tested

Specially formulated to help dirty riders clean up oil, lubricants, grease, goo, gunk, and other messy substances, K&N’s Power Kleen was originally intended for use on cotton air filters, though K&N quickly discovered that the deep-cleaning substance was a great solution for general cleaning jobs as well. After several months of using Power Kleen on a variety of cleaning jobs, I found that it works amazingly well on boots—just a few sprays, some solid scrubbing, and a quick soap-and-water rinse was all it took to bring my white boots back to photo-ready status time and time again.

As expected, Power Kleen was also an efficient filter cleaning solution. Ten minutes of soaking and a few rinse cycles was enough to do the trick on moderately dirty filters. On the other hand, this stuff is fairly harsh. When washing a filter in an indoor shop, a couple of sprays of Power Kleen in a sink will have you coughing due to the potent odor of the chemicals. Additionally, I experienced some etching when using Power Kleen on a raw-aluminum frame. While a soap-and-water rinse can minimize lasting damage, I ended up just keeping it off of aluminum completely (even though coated parts such as rims are okay). At $12.95 per 32-ounce spray bottle, Power Kleen is a good deal and certainly works as well as claimed. Just be sure to use it in a well-ventilated area and be careful what you treat with it because K&N means business! —Chris Denison

K&N Power Kleen


Rated 89
Application 8/10
Function 47/50
Durability 9/10
Environmental 16/20
Price 9/10
Website: knfilters.com
Phone: (800) 858-3333