First Look: Scott Sports 2012 Product Line - Dirt Rider Magazine

You may think of Scott Sports as primarily being a goggle manufacturer, but there is a whole lot more to the Idaho-based company than just tear-offs and tinted lenses. In fact, the Scott Sports empire is divided into several sport-specific segments that encompass everything from trail running and mountain biking to winter sports and motosports, with new innovations and products being added to the ever-growing line on a regular basis. Dirt Rider recently visited Scott's HQ in Sun Valley for a full look at the diverse range of 2012 products, as well as a peek at the inner workings of this longstanding company. Here's what we came back with:

The all-new 2012 Scott gear line boasts a wide range of products that covers nearly every wearable component a rider could ask for, including both motocross and off-road designs. Products are named with numbers (such as the 250 boot or 450 pant) that refer to that particular item's target rider, with the 250 designation being more mid-level and 450 products geared toward the serious racer.

Adam Greene, Scott's US Marketing Manager, has played a large role in the company's recent push in the moto industry. Like most Scott employees, Greene is also a full-throttle moto, mountain bike, running and snow sports enthusiast, proving that these guys truly do practice what they preach.

Who better to model some of Scott's fabulous winter wear than marketing guru Kevin Strickwerda? Whether it's showing off new product, changing sweaty helmet liners at an AMA National, making major business decisions or just wrangling a pack of high-maintenance journalists, Strickwerda does it all and does it all well.

For 2012, Scott's helmet line has been revamped with a bundle of bold colorways and clean graphics, many of which can be paired with specific gear prints for a full-factory look.

The new gear line has been similarly revised with bangin' new prints and loads of technical revisions based on feedback from Scott's top pro racers and loyal band of customers. Can you say improved high-performance airflow-enhancing full-mobility triple stitching?

Unfortunately, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle goggle is not a part of Scott's 2012 motosports line. But if you ask really, really nicely, they may just bring it back for 2013!

A full collection of gear bags, hydration packs and tool bags complements the new lineup of goodies.

Naturally, the latest lineup of Scott goggles is as technically groundbreaking as anything being offered to the MX industry. You'll learn more about the latest styles and changes in an upcoming Dirt Rider product test, but it's already evident that the new goggles are pushing the envelope of performance eye protection.

An interesting component of the Scott brand is the trail running division, which includes a full array of performance shoes. Now you racers have NO excuse not to cross train!

Warm hats with full ear coverage and fuzzy things on top? Check, check and check!

Scott has made several changes to their boot line for 2012, including a redesigned sole for even greater durability and feel. The chest protectors and body armor are once again being offered, with a new chest protector, the Commander (visible in bottom left), set for release in the not-so-distant future.

The Scott legacy of innovation dates back to the 1950s, when the brand was an innovator in the lightweight ski pole market....

...these days, Scott is still producing innovative ski poles, but the technology is much, much more advanced than it used to be!

Not only does Scott produce mountain bikes, but it also provides a full storage room and bike shop for its employees to use. With a major trail system right in Scott's backyard, it's no surprise that the place is a ghost town during lunch hours.

Need skis? Scott's got 'em, and they're available in a wide range of styles, sizes and designs. We told you there was more to Scott than just tear-offs!

Predator mask or ski relic? This is one of the many historic products that litter the R&D; area of Scott's HQ.

A near-mint artifact from Scott's moto past, the legendary plastic boot sparked a new era in motocross safety gear.

You Tour de France fans may have noticed Scott's presence in the road bike industry; this segment of the brand accounts for the majority of Scott's business.

Scott's performance mountain bike line is yet another market in which the brand has excelled in the past few years. These 29-inch bikes are all the rage right now, and the quality-like all Scott products-is top notch.

What workday would be complete without a little shotgun shooting to help unwind? The boys at Scott definitely know how to do things the fun way!

All together, the 2012 Scott product lineup is solid and impressive, and there's no doubt that Sun Valley, Idaho is one of the coolest places on earth. Check out for more info, and stay tuned to Dirt Rider for full tests on these (and more) new products!