Novik Riding Gloves - Dirt Rider Magazine

For some, the performance of a glove can be measured by its ability to protect one's digits from errant branches or the glove's resistance to abrasion in a crash. Other riders could care less about the protection of a glove, focusing instead on comfort and style. My preferences sit right in the middle of the spectrum, although I've noticed lately that the more coverage I have from hand guards, the more I want a glove that has high breathability characteristics, such as the That's Cool glove from Novik.

According to one of our test riders who has been using the That's Cool glove for a couple of months now, this is the most comfortable glove on the market. I think that's a fairly accurate statement, due mostly to the glove's non-padded palm, lightweight feel and great form. They certainly provide better connectivity with a bike's grips, and there is no tendency for the minimal palm to bunch up or feel overly bulky. By and large, the Noviks feel like they're molded to your hand, and I found I liked the glove on everything from tough trails to after-work sessions on my bicycle.Our test units of the That's Cool glove have withstood many hours of riding and several trips to the washing machine, and they're still looking good and not even close to falling apart. The glove itself is constructed of synthetic leather and precurved Lycra that gives it that lightweight and breathable feeling, but the quality and workmanship are such that you can abuse them like a heavy-duty gardening glove and not worry about blowing them out. Granted, this is not the best glove for cold-weather riding, but it's great for those spring/summer moto sessions and will dry out quickly off-road if you happen to put a hand down in a water crossing or get sprinkled on.Due to the simplistic design and lack of padding, you don't want to rock the Noviks if your hands aren't already pretty tough. I rode 65 hard miles off-road in the That's Cool glove after being off the bike for a while, and while I didn't blister up, I definitely felt extra wear on my calluses. Another thing we've noticed with the glove that wasn't cool is the sizing seems to be a little larger than the other motocross gloves out there. I usually wear a large, but I have been wearing a medium in the Novik gloves. If you're looking for comfort with styling and are willing to accept a little less protection in the knuckle area, then this glove might be right up your alley. And at $20 per pair, this is a pretty great investment considering the performance you get!

Gear 90.0
Style 19/20
Comfort 8/10
Function 46/50
Wash/care 8/10
Price 9/10