EVS Freighter Rolling Bag Review - DR Web Test - Dirt Rider Magazine

I'm a freelance motorsports photographer and a regular shooter at Dirt Rider and for someone who makes his living on the road - and I'm on the road 40 weekends a year - good luggage is a necessity. It's no different than camera gear; you have to have the best if you're counting on it to last. (I'm a Nikon shooter, BTW, in case anyone is interested).

Like the athletes I cover in my shoots, I usually make a lot of short, four-day trips to the races, and I need to be able to take all my "stuff" with me everywhere I go. My EVS Freighter Rolling Bag does the job. It's HUGE, with plenty of pockets and padding to protect my gear, a fold out changing mat, and large easy-roll wheels for pulling it around. The EVS website calls it a "rolling hauler for the heavy goods with room for all of the essentials and then some." My thoughts exactly!Don't try to put this bag in the overhead compartment; it's not made for that. At 32" x 18" x 16", the Freighter is made for checking at the ticket counter, and it will get your stuff where you're going (provided the airlines doesn't lose it), with room for boots, helmet, riding gear, pit clothes, and after-the-race victory party duds, plus inside and outside zippered pockets for all those little things you can't do without. At a suggested retail price of $139.00 it's a small price to pay for convenience on the road. And believe me, I'm into convenience.Check out www.evs-sports.com for more info.