Alpinestars Tech 7 Boot Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Check this out; I've been riding with a pair of Alpinestars Tech 7 boots for a long time. These boots have been ridden for approximately 100+ hours. I've ridden them in every condition and every type of terrain you can think of; dust, sand, mud, snow and rocks. They've been through motocross, enduro, GP and lots of off-road races.Why the same pair of boots for all of this time? In reality, most regular everyday riders can't afford to go and buy a new pair of boots too often, so getting a long lasting pair is important. I rode so much time with this boot for only one reason; they have been so durable that I never felt the need to change it. The only reason they are ready to be retired is due to the sole being completely worn out.

This model Tech 7 is a mid priced boot that retails for $299.99 , so I think it is affordable for most people searching for a quality boot. Remember, top of the line boots are at the $500+ range.Alpinestars has been know to build one of the best looking and longest lasting boots. They detail of how these boots wore out is incredible. Not one buckle failed and stitching is in place. The only thing really worn out is the sole and for obvious reason the white color. So this is just another test to confirm the durability of the boots. -DR Test Rider Alfredo ContrerasTo check out the Tech 7 visit

Gear MAX
Style 20 18
Comfort 10 8
Function 50 48
Wash/care 10 7
Price 10 9
Total 100 90