EVS Nitro Circus SC05 Knee/Shin Pad - Dirt Rider Magazine

I wear knee braces about 90 percent of the time for MX and knee pads 90 percent of the time off-road. When I want mobility and protection (feeling that mobility makes me safer and more flexible in my off-roading) plus more comfort on all-day rides, I've come to like the EVS SC05 a lot.

Thanks to the wild and wacky Nitro Circus graphics, when I ride in shorts on my minibike I'll look like the kid I think I am, too. The pad is built largely of comfy neoprene, or "airprene" as EVS calls it. The back of the pad is open, so it doesn't get too hot. The shin pad goes far enough into your boot to help keep them in place without doing any obstructing. The knee cup is wide enough to deflect and disperse the hits without being too bulky. The neoprene is stretched on the inside to make the pad ride away from the knee, and padding is enough to keep it soft on all contact points. Plus, the protection and padding continue up above the knee just a bit to help those bounces off the handlebar. They wash just fine, and the hook-and-loop closure has been holding tough on my five year old pair, though the elastic has sacked out a little.The Nitro Circus pad is $65, but the standard version can be had for $49. Sizes are medium and large, and large will fit a pretty healthy calf. These stay in place, take the bumps and last a long time. -Jimmy Lewis

Gear 92.0
Style 19/20
Comfort 9/10
Function 47/50
Wash/care 9/10
Price 8/10