Fly Racing Lite Glove - Dirt Rider Magazine

I've always looked for the lightest and thinnest motocross glove I could find. I don't like palm padding or any feeling of restriction in my hand or fingers, and for years I've held Fox's Flexair as my go-to mitt, but the Fly Lite just might be getting the upper hand in this quest.The $19.95 Lite is about as little as you can get your hands into. No padding, no protection, but also no weight and almost no feeling that you're wearing a glove. I've put a lot of moto time on these and even several washes, and they still feel as soft and comfortable as new. My average-build hand size falls between a nine (medium) and 10 (large) glove. For the Lite I picked a size 10 (large) and it fit snugly but had some give, and the glove never got constrictive or uncomfortable. Some gloves have fingers that seem too long or have "opened fit" palm padding, so there can be some extra material once you wrap your fingers around a grip, both in terms of the palm material folding or empty fingertips getting caught under your palm-but these Fly gloves are the best I've tried for that "no extra" material feel. And as for the feel, if there is a glove through which you can count the twists in your grip safety wire, this is it.The top of the glove lacks padding, which keeps ventilation at its max. And for roost protection I would rather throw on a set of flag hand guards before I'd slip my hand into a glove that bugged me while I was riding. Fair warning: I'm not a rider who gets blisters, so if that's your concern, these might be low on your list. -Pete Peterson

GEAR 92.0
Style 18/20
Comfort 9/10
Function 47/50
Wash/care 9/10
Price 9/10