Kriega R30 Rucksack - Dirt Rider Magazine

Hello all who seek information on the Kriega R30 Rucksack! I'm going to shoot you the bad first (and by the way, in my opinion, the good outweighed the bad immeasurably): My only major beef with the R30 was the swiveling plastic clips at the chest. Bare fingered, with eye-to-finger contact, no troubles. Throw on a pair of Deft gloves and a Bell Moto 8, and operating the plastic chest clips was reminiscent of junior prom night.Next would be the price. "$219!" I'm told on the sticker. Whooh! I'm not going to lie to you, folks. I haven't paid for a backpack in the last decade, and price-to-bag familiarity is not my forte. But I do know that $219 is hard to come by for anything these days.

I will say this: If you have that much bread burning a hole in your pocket and are in the market for a back bag, buy this one. The strap design and weight distribution are amazing. The straps are cut to have your chest support the weight instead of your shoulders. You have shoulder freedom to the max with no wandering straps. This also keeps the bag and the mass of its contents with your body at all times. No sloshy, swappy bag feel here. The bag is "stuff sack" style. There is no hydration system, but I had no troubles throwing an old Camelbak bladder in the bag and running the sipper out of the main pouch. There aren't a zillion pockets on the R30, which I love. Simple is often overlooked in the marketing world. There is a small camera/mobile device pocket on the chest straps. It makes on-the-fly camera searching and recon sealing a snap.I was able and fortunate enough to smuggle this little gem of a bag home after a recent budget adventure ride. From now on this bag will adorn my back whenever riding adventures call for a bag. That is, if I can peel it from the back of my Pops, who seems to have hermit-crabbed his way into the straps when I wasn't looking!

Portable 10/10
Function 45/50
Durability 18/20
Design 8/10
Price 6/10
Age: 29
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lb
Ability: Pro
Location: Sparks, NV