MSR Mud Pro Gloves - Dirt Rider Magazine

Of all the various terrain types that we off-roaders like to play in, few are as tough on a rider and his or her equipment than a nasty ol' mud section. For this, MSR has developed the purpose-built Mud Pro Glove that attempts to solve-or at least mitigate-the common issues associated with a normal glove in abnormally mucky conditions.From the molded rubber knobs on the palm and fingers to the wiper blade on the index finger, the features of the Mud Pro were designed by some of MSR's best mud riders (such as Randy Hawkins, Barry Hawk and Jason Raines). As a result, they are incredibly functional. Although somewhat odd feeling at first or when switching from a standard glove, the "knobbies" on the grip-side of the Mud Pro really hook up when things get slippery, and the neoprene construction is stellar in wet conditions. Similarly, the fit of the glove is spot-on, and though they aren't the most stylish things in my gear bag (like it really matters when I'm covered head-to-toe in sludge), the Mud Pro glove is undoubtedly one of the most durable pieces of apparel that I own. I think that the wiper blade would be easier to use if it were located on the thumb rather than the index finger, but it still serves its purpose well.I've worn the Mud Pros on more than a few miserably-fun trail rides and races, and even after several trips through the washing machine they still look new. I've also found that they work insanely well in snow, seeing as they are definitely warmer than a normal glove. Available in black only and marked at just $34.95 per pair, the MSR Mud Pro Gloves have a permanent home in my gear bag, and I'd recommend them to my mud-loving riding buddies any day. -Chris Denison

Gear 93.0
Style 17/20
Comfort 9/10
_Function_ 48/50
Wash/Care 10/10
Price 9/10 or see your local Tucker Rocky dealer