Occunomix OccuMitts Support Gloves - Dirt Rider Magazine

I have never been able to wear any sort of under-glove. But one of my teammates for the Glen Helen 24-hour works a production line for an auto manufacturer, and he had some OccuMitts under-gloves. I tried a pair, and I was amazed. The fingerless glove is made of a stretchy nylon/spandex blend that is much like support hose. The gloves are light, thin, comfortable, and they fit easily under any properly sized riding glove without making the fit too tight. Occunomix claims that the gloves, "help promote proper wrist position, soothe irritation, stimulate circulation and keep hands flexible." I just know that my hands don't get tired or irritated as easily, and I can wear thin, unpadded gloves without my hands feeling abused. OccuMitts also come in a full-fingered model that can be worn like that, or you can cut the fingers off at a length that suits you. The fingerless models I have been wearing are cut off right at the base of the fingers, and the raw cuts haven't unraveled at all. The gloves wear well. The palm side has pilled a little, but still looks great. Compared to other glove liners or under-gloves, the $10.40 OccuMitts are thinner and fit tighter to my hands, and having options of small through XL insures a good fit. If you have hand/palm issues while riding I'd strongly recommend these. -Karel Kramer

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