Aerostich Triple Digit Rain Covers - Dirt Rider Magazine

You can call them what you want, Sleestak hands from the 1974 "Land of the Lost" TV series, Alien hands, or Triple Digit Rain Covers, but if I don't have wet hands and you do, I'm the only one laughing.These thin, rip-stop nylon laminated fabric glove covers go over your regular gloves and secure with a Velcro wrist cinch and drawstring and a large gauntlet that will cover the cuff of your jacket. The interesting design, three fingers, seems to stem from allowing the movement of your fingers inside your normal gloves without being too restrictive or tight. Well, the design works for the purpose, the cover allows you to move your fingers quite freely, but if you have a habit of using only one finger on the brake like I tend to, then you'll be bothered for a little while until you get used to it. You can't use one finger on the brake or clutch unless you cram three into the other finger pocket which becomes too tight. The advantages surely outweigh that single inconvenience.The gloves keep your hands dry and breathe enough to keep from getting wet with sweat when you are working hard. You can also use a smaller regular glove as opposed to a bulky cold glove as well. When not in use the gloves pack down to a small ball and easily fit into a pocket or pack. They come in black or hi-vis orange and even have a reflective stripe, plus a squeegee on the thumb. Though these were mostly intended for street riders, I've found them quite useful when wet weather might put an uncomfortable twist on my dirt bike ride, or even when plowing through wet morning brush. They remain grippy enough in the palms so if your grips get wet or muddy, it isn't any more of an issue than with regular gloves. Sometimes it can feel like you have a double-layer glove but it isn't too noticeable. And if there was any other complaint it would have to be with tightening them up once you have them on. You just have to get used to using two fingers to do what you usually do with one!At $47.00 and available in M to XL, they are priced right for what they accomplish, cheaper than a full-on set of rain gloves and they have been really durable, but I have yet to really rub them on the ground too hard. -Jimmy Lewis

||| |---|---| |Gear|88.0| |Style|18/20| |Comfort|7/10| |Function|46/50| |Wash/care|9/10| |Price|8/10|