Klim USA Team Gear Bag - Dirt Rider Magazine

Gear bags are some of the most over-engineered dirt bike products around. Maybe you like to feel like James Bond assembling a sniper rifle every time you get ready to ride, but I just need something that will hold all my stuff.This large $69.99 gear bag has no wheels or hard plastic bottom, so you can throw it between two bikes in your truck and still have seat covers and graphics on the bikes when you unload. It has a compartment for boots, one for gear, one for your helmet and a couple smaller pouches for goggles, Band-Aids, painkillers, security blanket, decoder ring and your list of excuses.My only complaints would be there is no "safe," padded area for your crush-ables and scratch-ables-like tear offs-and the bag is a little hard to handle when full, so strap handles on the long ends would be really...handy.The strong points about this bag are that it's durable, big, not too pricey, and you won't be playing a game of hide and seek with your gear while your race is about to start. -Pete Peterson

Capacity 19/20
Portability 6/10
Function 47/50
Wash/care 9/10
Price 9/10