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There are two parts to these premium price-range pegs: the base (cast stainless steel) and the modular cleat (hard-anodized billet aluminum). They come complete with all mounting hardware and in standard height for $179.95. Cleats in +5mm and -5mm heights are available for $69.95 a set. The pegs bolt together with four Allen-head bolts.The entire peg is considerably wider than the stock Honda CRF250R stompers I swapped out (about 12.5mm at the closest stock point). The ProTapers weigh in at about an ounce heavier than stock.The included hardware makes installation sweet, since you don't have to worry about finding a new cotter pin or cleaning your old pivot pins. The spring included with the kit seemed soft and, when installed, the pegs pivoted easier than the stockers did. I rode for a while before swapping the supplied springs with the stock set for a slight improvement (the pegs just moved too much underneath me), but these pegs were still looser in the mounts than stock. I inspected a set of 2.3 Platforms installed on a KTM that fit much more snug and had good, strong tension on the spring. The Honda fit is a bit loose for my taste.The ProTaper pegs add serious support under your boot. They're wide and comfortable front to back and give a stable sensation from left to right. Grip, initially, is improved as well over the stockers. However, after nearly 20 hours, the cleats are worn and in need of replacement. The cleat material is claimed to be "7075 hard-anodized billet aluminum," but I'm surprised with how quickly the bottom of my boot worked them over. And for this much cash, I don't really want to bust out my file and sharpen this quickly. Plus, the cool anodized factory color faded at about the same rate.There was one plus to the apparent pliability of the cleat. The kickstarter on the CRF250R slams directly into the top of one of the pyramid-shaped spikes. I was prepared to order a new kickstarter as soon as it snapped in half, but the kickstarter (which is harder) smashed the spike down into a flat spot.Most people seem to be concerned with the Allen-head bolts coming loose on these pegs. I can tell you that that's not likely. As I replaced the worn cleats in my set I was impressed with how solid the bolts held in place. And I haven't touched them all year-they're factory tight out of the package.In summary, I'm impressed with the design and adjustability the ProTaper 2.3 Platforms offer-especially for bikes with skinny pegs (compared to other brands) like the Honda CRF250R. But for this price, I want more durability. -Jesse