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There is a lot of controversy and differing opinions about the ability of the Leatt-Brace to prevent neck injuries. You will have to make up your own mind about the efficacy of the brace. I'm not going to try and vouch for the safety, since I am not an expert in neck injuries. I will say that adjusting the fit of the brace was a snap, and I have never felt the need to change the adjustment. The front and back tables are height adjustable, but I left them standard. The rear extension down the back can be inserted in three different slots, and that changes the angle of it. Included with the brace are a variety of clips, and the only real adjustment to my brace was inserting one that spaced the front and rear halves 10mm farther apart. When riding I'd notice for a few minutes that I had the brace on, but then it never bothered me. I always wear it on the motocross track. I don't use any of the straps, and don't mind that it moves around a little. I modified my chest protector to fit, and always wear both. I generally do not wear the brace for trail riding off-road where I have a drink system or backpack with straps that would interfere with the brace. To see if I could wear it for a long day, I used it at a national enduro in Michigan. Other riders on staff share mixed opinions about running a brace off-road. They feel if you're doing a lot of hillclimbs, descents, tight trees or tucks, the brace is almost always stopping your head movement. Then, as you keep trying to move past the restriction, your neck muscles get tired and fatigued leaving you with a sore neck much sooner than when not wearing a brace, not to mention being distracted while riding.To be honest, I haven't even crashed hard in it, though I have friends who have. I did get brain fade and hit a single jump I forgot wasn't a tabletop. The bike had soft suspension, and I landed super hard. My neck muscles were a bit tired and sore feeling for a few days, but nothing like the whiplash I've gotten doing the same type of landing in the past. The bottom line is that I feel safer in it, so I don't ride motocross without it. I have the $395 Club brace, but I didn't require all of its adjustment. I've tried all of the other braces available, and so far the Leatt and the more expensive Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support are the only ones I could or would wear. -Karel Kramerwww.leatt-brace.com