KTM SXS Brembo Brake Calipers - Dirt Rider Magazine

I've ridden works motocross bikes from every brand and most championship off-road bikes, and after the works suspension, the brakes are the most impressive part of such bikes. The same is true visually.As I scope out the works supercross weapons each year, some of the billet-carved calipers are machinist art. Some of the trickest-looking brakes in any pit are the anodized billet units found on the KTM bikes.Unlike other brands of moto and off-road bikes, KTM offers its works Brembos for sale to anybody with $849.99 for the front and $804.99 for the rear.The brakes came complete with pads, and they mounted up easily. KTM doesn't claim any mechanical advantages like bigger or additional pistons. Rather, it suggests that the aluminum alloy used and the extra stiffness available with the SXS caliper profile are the reasons for the performance increase, and all without any additional weight. I can hear people scoffing as they read this: "Who would want a brake stronger than a stock KTM! They're too strong now!" Actually, the stockers are too sudden or grabby, but not too powerful. I know this because I rode with the SXS calipers. They have more stopping power, but the grip comes in so smoothly and predictably that I found I was braking hard enough to get the rear wheel light-while the bike was leaned over on hard-packed dirt!The front brake is insanely good. I've never ridden with any brake like it. The rear isn't so impressive, but only because the rear is light so often with this sort of power and progression in front. Any of the light-switch feel of the stock rear is gone. I started using the SXS brakes with well-used disc rotors, and the brakes would have surely been even better with new rotors. The fact that they look fab is just gravy here. Does any regular guy need brakes this awesome and expensive? No. But if you can afford them, chances are you'd buy them for the looks and, boy, will you be surprised. These brakes are not just bling. -Karel Kramerwww.ktm.com
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