Barnett 2009 Honda CRF450R Clutch Kit - Dirt Rider Magazine

Though we have not specifically had clutch issues with our 2009 Honda CRF450R, there are plenty of owners who seem to have them. These problems seem to center on riders who tend to abuse clutches in the first place, and most of our riders don't do that. But we will agree that the clutch pull is on the stiff side for most of our tastes.So after about 35 hours on our stock clutch (including supercross whoops, mind you!) we replaced the stock clutch plates (fiber and steel) and springs with a kit from Barnett. The plates look just a bit different than stock, but the biggest change is in the springs, which are longer.Everything fit right in and the total swap took less than 10 minutes, not counting the 15 minutes we let the new fibers soak in oil. The fiber plates are carbon fiber segmented and the steel plates are tempered. The springs are claimed to be 10 percent stiffer than stock as well.The first thing you notice is that the pull at the lever feels a little softer than stock and a little mushy, something that is typically not the best feeling. But out on the track you don't feel this at all, and overall the pull, control and action of the clutch is just as good if not better than stock and it continues to feel softer at the lever. It has taken all of our use (note: I didn't say abuse, because we don't) without fading or causing any concern, even on tight tracks and in deeply rutted turns, where 450 riders tend to hammer clutches to control power. It is holding up great, and since we are in the process of trying a lot of different clutch items on this bike (you'll see in future DR Tested and Long Haul updates) this clutch has been our go-to baseline when we are between testing other setups. At $176, it is on par with prices for the stock parts and durability has been at least as good, if not better.Everything about this clutch has been a step in the right direction, even if the lever pull in the pits doesn't make it feel that way. -Jimmy